Been a while

Wow it’s been a while since I have blogged but I have some time up my sleeve so thought I would sit and have a bit of a ponder.

The winter months have cool, not too bad but cool enough to give the beach and diving a miss – they call me princess! We have had our elections and to our detriment we have elected a government that it seems has no real concern for people or human rights. We have seen Overseas Aid Budgets cut, ministry departments disappear, asylum seekers denied a basic human right under the UN convention – yay, let’s go Australia!

I have written to Tony Abbot, but heard nothing back, no surprise there, but I really want to know how our government can live with it’s policies that bring tragedy and hardship to other people. In Australia we live in a fairly healthy economic climate with generally a good quality of life, access to health care, education a welfare system and it seems in our comfort we fall silent about injustice. We have moved so far down the road of individualism, consumerism and materialism that it seems we have lost our humanism!

If enough people speak our our governments have to listen surely. Overseas Aid, it is 43 years since Australia committed to 0.7% and we still only contribute around 0.37%! Asylum seekers, lets send them to PNG and not be concerned about the poverty there and the people displaced to provide detention facilities! Where is the compassion and the care for our neighbour in this global village?

I have also been thinking about the recent mall attack in Nairobi, the devastation and pain for so many people and families all in the name of God. As a minister in the Uniting Church I am so deeply saddened that as people of God violence is still seen by some as an appropriate and justified response to difference. Humanity and creation is so diverse, why can this not be seen as gift rather than a threat to be feared. Why do we not hear of the stories of people from different religious backgrounds working and dialoguing together, working for peace and non-violence?

This is a short blog of despair I know, and there are not a million followers of my blog, but if every person shared their despair and anger about decisions made by government, about events that touch peoples lives maybe there would be some glimmer of transformation in our world. I encourage any reader of this to give it some serious thought, the world is a beautiful and diverse place.


About revthreads

I originally decided to get a blog because I think any adventure, travel experience should be journaled and then thought it's good to share. Some things may be interesting to others and other things not so much but sharing is good! I love to travel, I don't get to do as much as I would like, ultimately it would be my dream to just pack up, head off and keep going for as long as possible seeing and experiencing new things, meeting new and interesting people. Like a lot of people I have family and work commitments that keep me grounded, but I am fortunate enough to have a fair few opportunities to head out and live life to the full.
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2 Responses to Been a while

  1. Paul Hudson says:

    So it’s back to the coal face then…

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