The Power of Language

Thank you to the Very Rev Peter Catt for the reminder of how powerful language is! This morning at the Queensland Churches Together AGM, Peter did talk about the truth and language very specifically in relation to people seeking asylum. People seeking asylum are NOT illegals, they are people, first and foremost people! In the Christian faith we proclaim that all people are created in the image of God and therefore, people seeking asylum are by very definition people created in the image of God seeking safety, escaping danger, does this change our perspective? We are hearing so much about the Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse and the atrocities of the churches, but what about the abuse faced by so many children in detention – will our government be held accountable, or is this another sweep it under the carpet for how ever long it takes to go away! Unaccompanied minors are CHILDREN! They are children who have not asked to be born where they are born, they are children that perhaps their parents are hoping may have some hope of a future – they are CHILDREN!

Jesus was a refugee!

Are we going to be a people that in another goodness knows how many years are going to have to stand up again and say sorry? Sorry for the abuse, sorry for stripping you of dignity, sorry for not valuing your humanity – Just wondering!

Maybe the power of language is not something we think about, but I bet we will never hear the word fuck from a pulpit – because it is sooooo offensive, but who has deemed that to be more offensive than labelling people as illegals, I think it was Stephen Fry who said something along the lines of how can the word fuck be seen as more offensive than rape, torture or war (forgive me if I have misquoted, but I agree!) rape and torture and war should be far more offensive, declaring people to be “illegals” when they are people seeking safety should be offensive, but no, let us bow our heads and simply refuse to use the word fuck! But let us continue to allow others to label the vulnerable with terms that mis-represent, let us continue to allow children to be abused because they are “unaccompanied minors” let us not be caught with a real offensive word – to this I say fuck it!


About revthreads

I originally decided to get a blog because I think any adventure, travel experience should be journaled and then thought it's good to share. Some things may be interesting to others and other things not so much but sharing is good! I love to travel, I don't get to do as much as I would like, ultimately it would be my dream to just pack up, head off and keep going for as long as possible seeing and experiencing new things, meeting new and interesting people. Like a lot of people I have family and work commitments that keep me grounded, but I am fortunate enough to have a fair few opportunities to head out and live life to the full.
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