Blue Mountains, Weekend Bliss – Part 2

Well time just gets ahead, but you know Blue Mountain experiences ought to be shared. So after a day walking from Govetts Leap to Pulpit Rock, we woke the next day knowing we would be homeward bound by lunch time. The last morning of breakfast by the roaring fire, our stuff packed and ready to go, today our aim was to walk the Grand Canyon Track to Evans Lookout. We set off, on yet another medium grade track, eyes rolling, untrusting, lets just see, we began the track. There were no other walkers about, it was still early and we began descending down the steps, and continued down the steps, and continued, still no other walkers in sight. It was quiet, it didn’t seem to be anything spectacular, just a shit load of steps! By now it was clear we were heading down to the valley and we must have descended at least 1km down, yep all good, but we know we are gonna have to get back up that 1km!

Evidence of life emerged as some very eager walkers charged past us, this giving us confidence that we were at least on the right track. We continued on and finally hit the valley and a whole new world emerged, it was absolutely spectacular, you could hear water flowing all around as it ran off the steep rock faces, the lush greenery ran along the path, creeks, springs not sure which but they were there, the water crystal clear and fresh, it really is breathtaking. Mr Revthreads felt like he’d ended up in a scene from Lord of the Rings, where as for me I felt it was very Jurassic Park, so put a bit less dramatically it was untouched and just so. We entered through a gate, what the gate was for at this stage we had no idea, but once through the gate we were just amazed even further, we could understand its name, it really was phenomenal. we’d been walking for well over an hour, we walked under waterfalls, we looked down where the sign indicated “very long drop” and it was indeed a very long drop. Then we scratched our heads, metaphorically of course, as we arrived at a warning sign. We were obviously half way if not more than, through the track and it is here that they decide to tell you that you need to check the weather before you walk this track. It went on to explain why – well flash flooding of course and then it suggested that canyoners need to be good swimmers and abseiling experience doesn’t go amiss, well, what use is it half way through the walk? Anyhoo, on we went.

We came to another gate at the opening of a cave, it then became apparent that the gates closed the path off probably during bad weather, I wasn’t over happy about the cave, and needed to just edge in to make sure it wasn’t a long cave and that it did open out again, otherwise I was off back the way I came. Drama averted we carried on and yep the ascent began, we’d go up a few steps and down again, it’s was almost like there was an intention to trick you, here we go, no not yet, kidding. I can laugh now, but I couldn’t breath at the time, I wanted to crawl, I did a burst of running and thought I might die as a consequence, the only way I could explain what was happening was that the beating of my heart was present in my head, yes my head was having it’s very own rave party courtesy of my beating heart. We thought we had reached the top, but it was just a sign pointing to more steps to Evans lookout, we made it, and Evans lookout was spectacular – definitely worth a go!

For us now it was in the car and back to the big smoke of Sydney.


About revthreads

I originally decided to get a blog because I think any adventure, travel experience should be journaled and then thought it's good to share. Some things may be interesting to others and other things not so much but sharing is good! I love to travel, I don't get to do as much as I would like, ultimately it would be my dream to just pack up, head off and keep going for as long as possible seeing and experiencing new things, meeting new and interesting people. Like a lot of people I have family and work commitments that keep me grounded, but I am fortunate enough to have a fair few opportunities to head out and live life to the full.
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